We manage innovation,
we drive transformation.

Introducing Universe: the innovation management software that will get your organization off the ground.

Innovation management software & methodology to innovate with your stakeholders

More innovation
and collaboration

Our software and methodology allows you to manage the innovation process on all levels: from the generation of ideas–open to everyone–to their evaluation and selection by the appropriate people within the organization, transforming ideas into real projects.

Expand your
innovation program

Universe grows with a content portal and a trend observatory: the best support and content to drive the results of your corporate innovation program.

Measure results at all times

The CEO and management team can monitor ROI and other community indicators from any device, using the organization’s own design to measure participation levels and establish benchmarks for best practices.

Speed up your transformation and innovation culture

innovation management software with employees

Innovate with your organization’s

connect your stakeholders with our innovation management software

Identify new ideas and
promote their development.

our software allows the management of the innovation life cycle

Create a culture of innovation
and uncover hidden talent.

nurture the management of your innovation program with our software

Listen to groups of interest
and reinforce their engagement.

Some of our success stories.

“Its been one of the internal driver for transformation inside the bank, a clear game changer. Something ground-breaking. We listen, we look for excellence, employees feel motivated.”.


– Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for Santander Spain – ‎Banco Santander

SaaS de innovación abierta
banco santander trusts in our innovation management software
alain afflelou uses our innovation management software  to cocreate with consumers
nestle develops new products with our innovation management software
Santander listens to the citizens voice with our innovation management software

One only implemented idea is giving us profits worth 2 million euros a year

video-icon Miquel Anduig. Head of Processes Optimization at Banco Sabadell.

It helps us be more innovative: listen to ideas from employees and put them to practice

Mónica Torres. Head of Employee Experience at Banco Santander.video-icon

It has spearheaded the creation of our internal culture of innovation.

Ángel Uzquiza. Head of Innovation at Santalucía Seguros. video-icon

It tells us our employees’ expectations in real time.

video-iconJosé Luis Risco. Head of HR at EY Spain.

ideas4all is an interesting service provider that makes innovation a reality

Stefan Lindegaard. Innovation Senior Consultant.

A solution that gives us super-hearing to listen to our customers.

Eva Ivars. Managin Director of Alain Afflelou. video-icon

A strategic tool that gives us access to the citizen’s point of view.

Gema Igual. Mayor of Santander.

boost the management of corporate innovation with our software
Redefine your innovation impact
detect and develop brand new ideas with our innovation management software

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We manage collaborative intelligence to drive forward innovation.

connected minds

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