Banco Santander,
innovation with employees and clients.

banco santander develops an open innovation strategy

Banco Santander opens its corporate innovation program to participation from its employees and clients. Using two innovation communities, it gathers ideas from both collectives to drive projects that help build a bank closer to society; simple, personal and fair.

The SANTANDERideas:) innovation communities for employees and clients allow the bank to create a listening process based on crowdsourcing and co-creation with two of its main stakeholders. In the case of employees, a community of this kind enables a connection between the bank’s different geographical divisions, breaking up silos and conceiving new products and services through collaborative intelligence. The community with clients also enables the bank to gather valuable insights that it can use to improve its offer and services to society. It also establishes a digital channel where the bank can create a relationship with consumers and give visibility to its different on/offactions that reinforce its client relations.

Download the case study (pdf): discover the key aspect of the Banco Santander corporate innovation program.

“It has been one of the drivers for the bank’s internal transformation. A game changer'.

Juan Manuel Cendoya

General Director of Communication, Corporate Marketing and Research, Banco Santander Group

'Flexiworking': a project for a cultural change open to society

Banco Santander has used its innovation community for listening and co-creation with employees a ten-point list of measures to increase productivity and improve the balance between work and family life. 'The project has revolutionized how we work, making us more efficient and flexible, with new forms of communication and work that have also promoted a better balance between our personal and professional lives', says Mónica Torres, Director of Employee Commitment and Experience of Banco Santander.

comunidad de innovación con clientes del banco santander

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