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Calidad Pascual promotes an innovation and intrapreneurship program through the online community 'Pascual Startup Intraemprendimiento', which allows its employees to co-create ideas aimed at the company’s needs within its Strategic Plan for 2020.

Calidad Pascual is open to internal talent to define its future as an organization, through the entrepreneurship program 'Pascual Startup Intraemprendimiento', a community based on idea co-creation. This internal innovation community is complemented with teams to detect the best proposals and mentoring actions, so that authors of ideas may develop their own business case independently. Using 'Pascual Startup Intraemprendimiento', Calidad Pascual generates a culture of internal innovation aimed at creating new and disruptive business ideas, with the purpose of setting itself apart within a highly competitive sector like the consumer market.

Download the case study (pdf) on Calidad Pascual’s program 'Pascual Startup Intraemprendimiento'.

Intrapreneurship and home-baked innovation

'All of Calidad Pascual’s more than 2,100 employees participate in our intrapreneurship program and share proposals aimed at increasing business; projects that can be executed', summarizes Javier Paniagua, the company’s Director of Digital Transformation. The community proposes different challenges to employees, who are invited to share ideas revolving around seven strategic categories, among which are new products and services, or improvements to existing ones, new business models or the group’s internationalization. Through this corporate entrepreneurship program, Calidad Pascual seeks to set itself apart and improve its competitiveness within the consumer market.


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