Grupo Hotusa

Open innovation to cocreate the future of tourism
The challenge

Grupo Hotusa sought to implement a channel where it could gather its clients' proposals to innovate and add value to the services offered by the group's hotels. The initiative needed to go beyond a one-way listening process, offering clients the opportunity to really participate in building the brand.

The solution

Hotel Tester Ideas is a community where clients and the general public can share ideas to improve their experience in the group's hotels. Also, the hotel chain can ask a large number of  users about subjects of interest.

The result

Hotel Tester Ideas helps the group understand the latest trends in the Tourism sector and adapt its offer accordingly. The community allows them to detect opportunities for improvement in a service that is better tailored to client demands. It also creates a groundbreaking point of interaction between the hotel and its guests, extending beyond their hotel stay.

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