Innovation case studies


RTVE, open innovation to build the
Spanish Broadcasting Corporation of the future

Radiotelevisión Española, the Spanish national broadcasting corporation, has created a corporate innovation program that involves all of its 6,800 employees, several territorial headquarters and external agents like startups, universities and public institutions. Together, they have given shape to a hybrid ecosystem where they can work on the Corporation’s evolution, to provide better public service in line with the demands of their audience and society as a whole.
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Banco Sabadell involves
its employees in innovation

Banco Sabadell’s internal innovation program BS idea has been creating a culture of shared innovation among its 18,000 employees for ten years. Over 90% of the workforce have participated in the community, which focuses on improving products and processes. One quick win idea shared in the community now gives the bank 1.5 Million euros a year in recurring profit.
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Mutua Madrileña, internal
transformation directed at customers

Mutua Madrileña involves employees and customers in its own transformation. Using two crowdsourcing communities, it improves internal processes and aspects of the customer journey, and creates new products. One idea to bring back customers who had changed to the competition has generated profit, on its own, worth 4 Million euros.
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Nestlé: crowdsourcing with employees to create customer loyalty

Nestlé Iberia wants its internal talent to co-create new product lines and discover means to improve sales and customer engagement. Over 100 employee ideas were tested on consumers.

Keys, uncertainties and myths of corporate innovation programs

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Banco Santander’s transformation
for its employees and customers

Banco Santander places its employees and customers at the center of a transformation strategy that seeks to secure a better bank, aligned with its philosophy of being simple, personal and fair. Listening to both collectives is key for the cultural change the bank is undergoing and new way of doing things within the organization. This change has produced projects such as Flexiworking, the co-creation of a Decalogue of measures created by employees, which has transformed how employees work within the bank.
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Santalucía Seguros, internal innovation with full coverage

Santalucía Seguros hosts its intrapreneurship program in its community TÚIDDEAS, which brings together the search for innovative profiles and product incubation. Thanks to this network, the insurance company maps its internal talent and detects entrepreneur profiles who develop their ideas with the help of mentors. The community is also open to crowdsourcing, which has resulted in the implementation of more than 30 ideas.
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Calidad Pascual places its employees at the center of te innovation cycle

Calidad Pascual Calidad Pascual is engaging its own internal talent to define the organization’s future, with a corporate entrepreneurship program that includes a community to co-create ideas, teams that single out the best proposals and mentors who help authors of ideas to develop their own business case. All ideas are aligned with the company’s 2020 Strategic Plan, covering global tactical needs and specific areas.

Grupo Hotusa: define and contrast hotel excellence with clients

Hotusa Group creates loyalty among its clients through its co-creation and listening program HOTEL TESTER IDEAS. With this community, the hotel chain asks the public about strategic issues and gathers valuable insights and trends that allow them to stay ahead of the competition, while also providing specific ideas to improve their offer. 3 out of 4 ideas in the community are aligned with the brand’s strategy and have allowed the chain to become familiar with what customers demand, for example, from room service or the breakfast buffet.
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Alain Afflelou, an optical group that focuses on customer vision

Alain Afflelou likes to co-create with large audiences, and attract loyal customers by covering their entire customer journey. The community IDEAS4AFFLELOU positions the brand at the forefront of a new form of relationship with customers and brings the company closer to strategic target groups like Millennials. It also produces ideas that create business, such as an in-store service to customize glasses, or changeable frames.
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Vicky Foods, innovation with consumers

Vicky Foods, through ‘Mi Dulcesol idea‘, develops an active listening and co-creation program with consumers, to produce ideas for new products and reinforce brand loyalty. Thanks its open innovation community, the brand detects value insights and market trends.

How to co-create with consumers
and obtain valuable insights

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Santander, collaborative intelligence in the smart city

Santander’s City Council has integrated a community in its strategic plan as a Smart City, where public affairs are open to participation from citizens, and where their insights are collected in real time. The project, made possible by Banco Santander’s sponsorship, allows the local authority to be in closer contact with its citizens, and to build the city collectively. SANTANDER CITY BRAIN has collected more than 500 ideas to improve the city’s touristic promotion, has produced several IT projects, such as an app that provides information on the state of beaches, and gathered citizen proposals to renovate public spaces.
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Conquering equality together,
through collaborative intelligence


Conquering Equality (Conquistando la Igualdad) is a pioneering project in the use of technology and collaborative intelligence to achieve gender equality. A project open to participation by all members of society, with the patronage of companies like Zurich Insurance or Wolters Kluwers, and support from the Spanish administration. Thanks to this public-private collaboration, the participating community was able to detect the most urgent needs on the road to gender equality, suggesting solutions for that goal. 

UNED, collaborative intelligence to build the University of the future

With its 50th Anniversary coming up, the National University of Distance Education (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, UNED) opened a temporary community where its main collectives could share proposals for the future of the university. In only six months, the institution gathered over 1,000 ideas from its teaching and administrative staff, students and alumni. The technology also enabled the creation of a unique channel for participation to counter the geographic fragmentation of University campuses.

Digital Enterprise Show connects with its audience

The Digital Enterprise Show 2018 (DES 2018) event was launched along with a community where attendants and the general public shared ideas for the future of the digital agenda in Spain. Through this interactive channel for participation, DES 2018 increased its impact as an on/off event, as well as its ability to continue reaching its audience after its celebration, setting itself up as an important actor in the public debate on digitalization. The conclusions of the open innovation proccess were also shared in the event, giving rise to different case studies.

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