Mutua Madrileña, internal transformation
focused on clients.

mutua madrileña

Mutua Madrileña involves its employees and clients in its transformation through two innovation communities aimed at creating business and improving client service. One idea alone, which seeks to recover insured clients who have left to the competition, generates over 4 Million euros in profit.

Crowdsourcing allows the insurance company to begin a collective journey toward its clients. Internal co-creation of new services and better products has an impact on business, enables the company to identify intrapreneurship profiles within its ranks and helps to create loyalty among insured customers. The client community also fulfills this goal, enabling Mutua Madrileña to detect insights and business opportunities on a large scale, which are not covered by the market. It also reinforces the customer journey, as clients interact with the company in real time and convey their needs through an innovative digital channel.


'An idea to recover clients has resulted in more than 4 Million euros in profit'.

Fernando Bueno

Director of Innovation, Mutua Madrileña

Innovation with full coverage, Mutua Madrileña’s commitment to collaborative intelligence

Mutua Madrileña is committed to generating an element of collaborative intelligence among its employees and clients. They have a community open to internal talent that produces close to 300 ideas a year, of which approximately 10% are implemented. Their client community has allowed the company to detect real market needs and has given rise to disruptive ideas, such as a policy to insure motorcycle helmets.


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