Santander City Brain, collaborative intelligence and innovation at the service of the smart city


Santander bets on citizen engagement

Santander involves its citizens and the private sector in its Smart City strategy through the community'Santander City Brain', where these actors can contribute and co-create ideas to improve the city’s services, citizen well-being and good governance.

Since 2013, 'Santander City Brain' allows the City Council to deploy an element of collaborative intelligence in the city. Santander is spearheading the Smart City movement and uses the community to gather insights on a large scale, with which it may detect the needs of its citizens and ideas to satisfy them. This channel, possible thanks to Banco Santander’s sponsorship, enables participation from citizens in strategic local issues and has an impact on citizen quality of life and engagement. To cite a few examples, the City Council has used 'Santander City Brain' to obtain more than 500 ideas to improve the city’s tourism promotion or develop various IT projects, such as an app that offers real-time information on the state of the city’s beaches.

Download the case study (pdf) on 'Santander City Brain' and discover some of the projects made possible by collaborative intelligence.

A smart city open to citizen engagement and innovation

Santander City Brain 'is a strategic community for our City Council, as it offers the opportunity to take the citizenship into account when designing municipal policies', summarizes Gema Igual, Mayor of Santander. She also highlights its importance as a channel where very valuable information can be gathered to make the City Council’s actions more agile. In this time, the local authority has opened up to citizen participation in projects by gathering ideas to refurbish public spaces and has launched competitions to–among other goals–strengthen local business or promote tourism.

santander city brain
la comunidad de participación ciudadana santander city brain

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