DES 2018, a live event open to collaborative intelligence

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Digital Enterprise Show 2018 created a community around the offline event where it invited attendants and the general public to participate with ideas to promote the digital agenda in Spain.

The conclusions obtained through this participatory process gave rise to a sectorial report and were shared during the event with digital policy makers from the main political parties in Spain. This community enabled the Digital Enterprise Show to connect with large audiences at the event, increasing its visibility and obtaining valuable insights on a large scale, related to the event’s theme. It also contributed to the creation of a public debate where DES 2018 has emerged as an influential actor in society.


Download the case study (pdf) on how to apply collaborative intelligence and co-creation in events.


Reto Agenda Digital de Digital Enterprise Show

‘Ideas for a digital and innovative Spain’.

‘Ideas for a digital and innovative Spain’ ('Ideas para una España Digital e Innovadora') is the first report on the strategic future of the digital agenda in Spain, arising through a participatory process based on collaborative intelligence, and bringing together more than one hundred proposals presented by the initiative’s participants. The document, which is the result of collaborative work between attendants of the 2018 edition of the Digital Enterprise Show, with expertise in the subject matter, along with the participation of large audiences, seeks to set out a roadmap for the promotion of a digital economy based on innovation and several different strategic pillars.


Comunidad de innovación de Digital Enterprise Show
DES 2018

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