Nestlé Iberia bets on open innovation with employees to conceive new products.


nestlé iberia bets on open innovation

Nestlé Iberia uses open innovation to conceive new products with its internal talent. Its employees participate in an internal innovation community that, apart from finding new lines of business, enables the reinvention of new, seemingly mature, product categories.

The community'Innova 2.0' has contributed to stimulate the appetite for innovation among employees in Nestlé’s Spain and Portugal divisions. Over 300 ideas that have emerged from within the organization have been studied in depth, and over one hundred of these have made their way directly to consumer testing. The company also presented various challenges to employees to increase sales, through the generic conception of new products for its portfolio or focusing on specific business categories, such as pet food. The crowdsourcing process has been adapted to the company’s strategy, covering specific consumer campaigns of particular relevance, for example Christmas.

Download the case study (pdf) to discover Nestlé Iberia’s internal innovation program.

Nestlé leverages its internal talent with open innovation

Nestlé Iberia’s commitment to crowdsourcing and open innovation “allows us to have closer contact within the company and helps us move more quickly”, summarizes Jesús Alonso, Director of Innovation in both divisions. 'We have more and better ideas, which gives us a great competitive advantage when offering new products', he adds. Actively listening to employees also has an impact on their engagement and reinforces their ability as intrapreneurs.

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