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Santalucía Seguros uses the internal innovation community'Túiddeas' to drive its corporate entrepreneurship program 'Santalucía Impulsa Empleados', which combines scouting for innovative profiles with project incubation under mentorship.

The community 'Túiddeas',and more specifically crowdsourcing, allows Santalucía Seguros to map out its entire structure in search for ideas and intrapreneurship profiles. As a result of these scouting efforts, the insurance company creates work teams to drive new business models that are both profitable and disruptive. This intrapreneurship program is completed with internal project incubation, with the mentoring support of in-house professionals and advice from external entrepreneurs. As an internal innovation community, 'Túiddeas' has given rise in this period to over 30 implemented business ideas.

Download the case study (pdf) for Santalucía Seguros’ internal innovation and intrapreneurship program.

Intrapreneurship: when innovation starts at home.

'The community 'Túiddeas' has spearheaded the creation of a culture of innovation among employees', says Ángel Uzquiza, Director of Innovation at Santalucía Seguros. Implemented in 2013, this community has generated an appetite for innovation that has served as a basis to drive the insurance company’s corporate entrepreneurship program. But 'Túiddeas' has also enabled the organization to regularly ask its employees about new business ideas–over 30 ideas have already been implemented–and to detect potentially innovative profiles along with its HR department.

santalucia impulsa empleados utiliza la comunidad túiddeas
comunidad túiddeas del programa de intraemprendimiento de santalucía seguros

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