Santander City Council

A smart city that listens to its smart citizens
The challenge

Santander's City Council seeks to involve all the city's stakeholders in its construction, by moving beyond traditional solutions for smart cities citizen participation. The objective is to generate a local ecosystem for innovation that takes into account the opinions of citizens, the public and private sectors, as well as other agents for change.

The solution

Santander City Brain brings all these collectives together around an initiative for ideas crowdsourcing and its capacity to transform Santander collectively. The community, with the sponsorship of Banco Santander, also promotes an open governance model that is typical of smart cities.

The result

The community has become a participative resource that brings together all the collectives that make up Santander. More than 1,400 ideas have been shared in this community, an example of smart cities citizen participacion.

“As a smart city, it allows us to consider the opinions of our citizens'.

Gema Igual

Mayor of Santander