Grupo Hotusa, an open door to crowdsourcing to co-create the tourism of the future

grupo hotusa uses crowdsourcing to define the tourism of the future

Hotusa Group drives its client listening and co-creation program through the online community 'Hotel Tester Ideas'. The use of ideas crowdsourcing allows the group to obtain valuable insights for the tourism industry, that may redefine its hotels’ offer. This program also creates loyalty among its current and potential clients, by reinforcing their customer journey.

Hotusa Group drives an active listening program to define the hotel of the future and its services. The community 'Hotel Tester Ideas', open to participation from the general public, seeks valuable insights to innovate in the tourism sector. Using idea co-creation, the hotel chain has joined forces with large audiences to define the amenities that rooms should include or the extra services a hotel should provide.

'Hotel Tester Ideas' also enables the hotel chain to test new services with the general public before their launch. It is also a channel that helps to create loyalty among current and potential customers, and a marketing channel that increases the brand’s visibility and opens it up to participation from large audiences.

Download the case study (pdf) to discover the co-creation program and its main insights.

hotel tester ideas de grupo hotusa

A tourism tailored offer,
thanks to the power of the crowds

The ‘Hotel Tester Ideas’ community, based on ideas crowdsourcing, allows Grupo Hotusa to ask to their customer base for solutions to the brand strategic challenges, capturing new ideas to innovate in the tourism arena. Plus, this community nurture the brand with powerfull insighs and trends detection, which facilitates a better approach to the customers while increases its loyalty due to a more tailored offer and an active listening attitude. 

How to co-create with consumers
and obtain valuable insights

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