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Vicky Foods

Market volatility forces brands to open up to their consumers and innovation. Vicky Foods develops an active listening and co-creation program with consumers, to produce ideas for new products and reinforce brand loyalty. 

'Mi Dulcesol idea' is the name of the community that enables Vicky Foods to co-crate with large audiences and detect insights and market trends. Consumers are at the center of the community, participating in all stages of the company’s innovation cycle. The following is the community’s methodology: First, the community gathers ideas in response to challenges suggested by the brand. With these ideas, work concepts are created that the company develops internally to create pilots for new products. These then make their way back to the community, where they are tested and validated by consumers. The brand and its consumers form a creative partnership based on trust and loyalty.


Download the case study (pdf) on 'Mi Dulcesol idea' and discover how to drive co-creation with your consumers. 

Vicky Foods incorporates the consumer’s voice to its internal innovation

‘Mi Dulcesol idea’ allows Vicky Foods to incorporate consumers to its innovation strategy. The community enables the brand to swiftly gather a vast amount of ideas that also compile real market needs. “It is extremely powerful, because it allows us to rapidly connect with consumers and make practical use of their ideas”, summarizes Rafael Juan, CEO of Vicky Foods. The community also plays an important role in increasing brand visibility and reinforcing its image in a highly competitive market.

How to co-create with consumers
and obtain valuable insights

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