When equality is built in community

Conquering Equality (Conquistando la Igualdad) is the first global collaborative intelligence project that uses diversity and technology to achieve gender equality in all areas of society.

Conquering Equality has used its own community for a year to bring together all collectives in society, gathering ideas and determining needs to progress collaboratively toward gender equality. The project is an example of public-private collaboration, and has enjoyed participation and support from citizens, industry associations with experience in the subject matter, public administration, and several private companies who have provided patronage for the project. The community has enabled dialogue and co-creation between different stakeholders, detecting the most urgent needs in the area, as well as possible solutions. As a result, insights of interest have emerged regarding the current state of gender equality, which have received validation from a pool of experts with ample authority and expertise in different areas of idea classification, and have been transferred for their study by parties with decision-making power. The initiative was also reinforced with offline activities and media presence, widely advertised in different media outlets and through prestigious brand ambassadors, to increase awareness and work toward equality between women and men, bringing the issue to public attention and debate.


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Diversity, technology and equality

Collaborative intelligence and large audiences
Which collectives participate in the project?


Support the cause and share it among their employees. They can ask the community and their employees for insights for their plans for equality, conciliation of work and family life…


Endorses a democratic and transparent process for participation. Gauges the 'voice on the street' and input from companies in order to legislate.

Civil society

All citizens can participate, becoming role models and contributing to gender equality.

How does the process work?

Multi-stakeholder project,
representative of society.
Companies are open to this cause and
collaborate in it, from within.

The voice of society and diversity:
Equality is about everyone.

Conquering Equality, in two minutes.

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