COVID-19 and customer loyalty:
why relationships must be nurtured,
even when you’re far away

We offer a digital, experiential channel where you can connect with your audience, learn and address their needs through co-creation, and reinforce their loyalty and brand recall. 
una comunidad donde trabajar la fidelización del cliente durante el COVID-19

Customer centricity
The brand creates a channel to establish a dialogue with consumers and find out what they demand, as equals and with complete transparency

los retos de ideación permiten conocer las demandas del cliente ante el COVID-19 y trabajar su fidelización

Consumers are now prosumers: social interaction with the brand conveys their needs and offers the brand ways to solve them

la reformulación de oferta con motivo del COVID-19 es básica para la fidelización del cliente

Brand loyalty
The brand gains access to solutions that have already been tested, reinforcing and its offer and adapting it even further to what consumers need

New times,
new solutions

Listening allows brands to know and understand customers, incorporating their vision and solutions to offer a differential consumer experience, based on trust and doing away with all uncertainty. 

By capturing insights on a large scale, needs are detected more quickly, as are solutions for those needs.

Loyalty is reinforced, as well as brand recall and
its position as a reference of customer centricity.

Consumer engagement during Covid-19: close, even in the distance

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Co-create your brand in community. Obtain insightful ideas from your customers.

When will I travel again? What is a COVID-free hotel like?
Does that require refurbishing shared areas like the dining room?

Eurostars Hotels created the Re-Imagine project to ask about these and other matters in its community Hotel Tester Ideas. Clients have contributed more than 600 ideas in response to the various challenges used by the brand to ask about its adaptation to COVID-19.

A personalized strategy
for every moment and challenge

Re-Imagine wants to hear from customers to detect and adopt, as swiftly as possible, a response that reinforces loyalty, integrates the strategic needs of each stage of COVID-19 management and business reactivation.





How to feel at home in a hotel



Co-design of a COVID-FREE buffet

Use of technology to promote social distancing

How to travel again this Summer?

Improve client well-being during COVID-19

Adapting hotels as spaces for teleworking




PR / brand recall

Capture insights to reformulate the hotel’s offer

Adapting to safety rules and protocols

Positioning as a brand that inspires trust and reassurance

Returning guests, adapting the hotel’s offer

Diversification and access to new business niches

Close to your audience
and their needs

Listening to clients allows organizations to detect changes in their needs and habits, which are even more volatile in times of uncertainty. As support, co-creation gives organizations access to ideas they can use to reformulate their offer of a differential consumer experience.

Customer insights in times of Covid-19
Expand your sphere
of influence

Strengthen your relationship with customers thanks to a digital community where you can co-create and build your brand together.