COVID-19 innovation and collaborative intelligence

The COVID-19 crisis is forcing many companies to rethink their business and relationship with their employees, their network of external collaborators, or consumers. The strength of their connections with these collectives and their capacity for innovation with new solutions are fundamental pieces for the reactivation of the economy, and indeed for the survival of many organizations.

[Re]boot in community, with the sum of all parts

Connect remotely with your employees and other collectives, like consumers 

Co-create solutions with them to re-adapt your operations, business and work framework

Support your collaborators with the necessary information in the face of the current uncertainty

innovation community against covid
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the business model and operations of many organizations. Innovation is now more necessary than ever, to anticipate changes and increase resilience in the face of an uncertain reality. This is also an opportunity, at a time when physical and social connections are reduced, to strengthen the relationship with a corporation’s employees and other stakeholders, among which are consumers. By acting as a community, co-creating a new normal that can be adapted to the different stages of the fight against the pandemic, organizations can approach all areas of this complex crisis more swiftly and efficiently: adapting their business to each phase of the pandemic’s evolution, finding ideas and solutions for economic reactivation, and meanwhile reinforcing their contact with consumers and regulating their new environments and employment needs, looking after the health and productive capacity of their employees.

Our software allows you to innovate 
with your stakeholders in times of confinement



open innovation challenge to address ideas against covid

Co-creative innovation community

Make a digital community available to your employees and other stakeholders, where–together–you can co-create solutions remotely to reactivate and adapt your business to the new reality. Detect innovative ideas on a large scale, cover the needs and talents of all involved parties. Act swiftly and in community, using methodology that allows your organization to validate and speed up the development of the best ideas. 

covid corporate response through an innovation meeting point

Corporate meeting point with your stakeholders

Our innovation communities can integrate a portal where you can connect with your employees, consumers… You will be able to communicate with them and give visibility to each measure you adopt to manage this emergency, while you also promote the engagement of each of these collectives throughout these times of confinement.

trends observatory with innovation resources against covid

Observatory and Resource Center

Our communities can also be complemented with a trend observatory with innovation resources against covid-19. Support your crisis management with valuable knowledge, adapted to your needs and resources, enabling your employees to work remotely and adapt to current work and safety regulations, or to bring your organization closer to consumers and other key players in your sector…

Collective responses to a pandemic with global impact

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we are providing companies with an environment where they can co-create remotely and maintain their connection with their various stakeholders with a view to economic reactivation, while strengthening their bond with employees, consumers and other key players in their sector during the different phases involved in managing this global emergency.

Some applications of collaborative innovation in the face of COVID-19

Corporate innovation & resilience
Open up to talent from your employees and other collaborators, finding innovative solutions to manage the COVID-19 crisis internally or in your market, meeting the demands and action required in each of the different stages of the crisis. 

Consumer engagement
Activate a channel that makes the difference, open to participation from your clients, increasing brand recognition and creating loyalty. Detect their needs with them, and co-create your brand’s adaptation to their desires and demands, in preparation for the moment when you can restart your activity.

Talent & Commitment Management
Promote a culture of innovation and collaboration among your employees, and do so remotely in an environment for participation and active listening. Impact on employee engagement and communicate your lines of action in areas like increasing productivity or safety at work.

Public administrations and citizen participation
Public administrations can open a channel to centralize communication regarding their management of the crisis, attending to different collectives–citizens, companies, workers… –and gathering their insights to contrast and validate the promotion of policies adapted to each phase of the emergency.

rtve ideation challenge to foster innovation against covid


Innovation at the other side of the screen

RTVE, the spanish public broadcasting corporation, uses its internal innovation community Innova to ask their employees about ideas to foster working on remote during COVID-19 and reinforce the balance between professional and personal life.This ideation challenge addresses to the more urgent needs of the pandemia, but also impacts on cultural change, the improvement of processes and the digital transformation of the corporation.

observatorio de tendencias en innovación sostenible


Closer than ever to clients
in times of social distancing

Eurostars Hotels uses its community Hotel tester ideas to gather ideas from clients and adapt its offer to the requirements forced upon companies by the COVID-19 crisis. Apart from detecting and offering solutions to its needs, the community serves as a powerful asset for customer engagement and brand recall during the halt of activity in the Tourism sector.

observatorio de tendencias en innovación sostenible


Innovation among citizens
to reactivate local economies

Santander’s City Council has used its community Santander City Brain eco to launch a challenge for ideas with citizen proposals that strengthen local business during the COVID-19 crisis. As citizens and consumers, participants contribute with their ideas to reactivate local business and reinforce its resilience in the face of the pandemic.

open innovation community against covid


A network of human connections
for work in the future

Fundación máshumano launches ecosh, its innovation community that invites participation from an ecosystem of companies and society to find good work practices during the COVID-19 crisis, to protect employee health and productivity, manage teams remotely, or implement the regulations and protocols that have appeared in response to the pandemic.

We orchestrate your transformation on a large scale

Our software and methodology generate an element of collaborative innovation among an organization’s different stakeholders, promoting the adaptation and discovery of solutions to future challenges.