Keys, uncertainties and myths 
of corporate innovation programs


Corporate innovation programs bring together different actions and players, like employees and other external collaborators. There are also several synchronized stages: the organization's alignment around its objectives, ideation, scouting, and final project development or solutions. In this ebook you will learn to assemble all the pieces of a program of this type, with technology as your ally.

Corporate innovation programs that are open to an organization's internal talent and/or its various stakeholders, are revealing themselves as one of the most effective ways to innovate, as they streamline the passage from large-scale ideation to scouting potential solutions to challenges faced by the organization, and their arrival to the market, with various collectives and areas of expertise becoming involved along the way.

The ebook will cover:

– The need to innovate: a necessity shared by companies in every sector and industry.
– The most common myths and uncertainties regarding the launch of an innovation program.
– Typical steps and stages that make up a program.
– How to generate ideas in the organization and detect intrapreneuring profiles.
– Mechanisms that facilitate and speed up the detection of best ideas and solutions.
– Benefits brought by innovation programs for organizations (competitive advantages, cultural change, talent detection…)

The best travel companions for
your journey to innovation

Our Universe software, along with our consulting know-how, allow organizations to draw their internal talent and other collaborators, like their clients, into their corporate innovation programs by finding ideas and building a portfolio with solutions to co-create competitive advantages.