10 keys to launch an
idea challenge in your organization


An idea challenge allows organizations to find solutions to their strategic issues through participation from its employees and other collaborators. By using a channel for participation and co-creation, they also take full advantage of all the talent that surrounds the organization, and speed up innovation.

An idea challenge allows organizations to involve a large number of participants in the solution of strategic challenges. The diversity of talent involved facilitates finding disruptive ideas. Apart from sharing ideas, each participant can co-create ideas shared by others. There are many advantages for an organization: access to new ideas hubs, gathering a large volume of proposals in a brief space of time, or obtaining ideas that have been refined by participants and specifically aimed at the topic of the challenge.
This ebook covers:

– How to choose the appropriate channel to launch this type of challenge.
– The necessary methodology to launch, follow up, and obtain valuable conclusions from an idea challenge.
– The importance of communicating with and stimulating participating users.
– The mechanisms and roles necessary to detect the best ideas generated by the challenge.
– Advice and recommendations on how to promote participation and obtain quality ideas.

Collective intelligence applied to business

Discover how idea challenges can broaden the range of knowledge and solutions to your various strategic issues.

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