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The road of equality concerns us all.

Conquistando la Igualdad is the first project that brings together the public sector, private sector, and civil society around collaborative intelligence, to attain the same opportunities for men and women. To this effect, the project envisages a community where all collectives share and co-create ideas, which are then evaluated by experts in each subject for their possible implementation by governance bodies such as public administrations or the steering committee of private companies.

With this ambitious project, ideas4all Innovation expands its experience in collaborative intelligence processes to all of society, for a cause that benefits the population as a whole. It also proposes a new participation model for great subjects of debate and public affairs, sustained over time and based on public-private collaboration models.

Join us and share your ideas.
You can become an agent for change towards equality.

‘Mi Dulcesol idea’, the community to cocreate with customers

Vicky Foods launchs ‘Mi Dulcesol idea‘, an open innovation community which allows the company to cocreate new products with customers through the ideas they share in the community. This way, Vicky Foods listens to the voice of its clients, who demand, more and more, transparent brands. With this community, the organization can develop new business strategies and detect new trends.


Ecosh, the ecosystem to achieve more humanized organizations.

Fundación máshumano promotes ecosh, the ecosystem for the humanization of tomorrow’s companies. Ecosh is a open community which involves all economic and social agents with the aim of citizens and organizations can generate ideas in order to create better companies through collaborative intelligence.



‘Santander City Brain’, the smart city and its collective intelligence

As part of its strategy as a smart city, Santander’s City Council has launched the project ‘Santander City Brain’, a community for digital participation open to all citizens of Santander, as well as the general public. In the community, participants can share their ideas to improve the city and answer different strategic challenges on the future of Santander, proposed by the City Council. The project, with the sponsorship of Banco Santander, has taken up space in international media and contributes to position the city of Santander as a global reference for smart cities.



‘Hotel Tester Ideas’, a community to reinvent tourism collectively

Grupo Hotusa launchs the ‘Hotel Tester Ideas’ community to co-create with their employees and customers the future of their Eurostars Hotels chain brand through ideas crowdsourcing. This initiative allows Grupo Hotusa to incorporate external talent from their guests with the aim of strengthening their experience and satisfaction during their holiday period.



‘ideas4afflelou’, a creative and innovative optics brand

Alain Afflelou uses the co-creation community ideas4afflelou to collect new ideas that will enable it to improve its services and business. Apart from finding ideas, the project looks to establish a new customer listening program with consumers through a memorable user experience, while gathering the concerns and suggestions made by consumers and creating a loyal relationship with the Alain Afflelou brand and its value proposition.


‘Plantaccion” a seed of social innovation.

ideas4all Innovation and UnLtD Spain launch “Plantacción”, an ideas crowdsourcing open innovation community that merge enterprises and social entrepreneurs ‘game changers’ in a collaborative environment. This proposal of cocreation show that today companies contribution to society go beyond the economic rentability.

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