It’s time to innovate
with the best ideas.

Our innovation management software in the cloud and its methodology create communities where one or more stakeholders –like employees, clients or suppliers– can share their ideas to
co-create new products, services or solutions with you, giving you the competitive advantage.

Set yourself apart from your competition with Universe.

Simple, swift and customizable innovation management

In only 15 days, you will have your own innovation community with your brand image, totally secure and without needing large investments or complex implementation processes.

software de gestión de la innovación
  • Explore
  • Detect
  • Stimulate

Drive your transformation on a large scale, with the scope you choose.

Our innovation management software’s versatility and flexibility allows you to host all the potential of your corporate innovation program, or can be utilized to ignite sparks of talent, for example, by launching brief ideas competitions. Only you set limits to your capacity for innovation.


Connect your main stakeholders, listen and capture their ideas on a large scale.


Identify ideas with the greatest potential and promote their evolution toward real projects with a return on investment.


Make informed decisions, bet your money on the best ideas and set yourself apart.

Explore / Detect / Stimulate

Our clients use our software for…


Innovation in products or processes


Change management


Intrapreneurship and talent detection


Co-creation with external collectives

One solution, all the innovation.

Innovation management

Ideas categories.


Classification & filtering axes.


Evaluation experts.


Ideas life cycle.

Community dynamization

Crowdsourcing challenges.


Highlighted ideas & users.


Real time communication.


Gamification resources.

Project monitoring

Activity dashboard.


KPI measurement.


Engagement & talent measurement.


Graphic & exportable reports.

On boarding & follow up

Own methodology.


Blended learning system.


Governance model.


Innovation funnel.

métricas de un software para gestionar la innovación

The state of innovation, at any time.

‘Universe’ gives you access to a complete analytics suite for your community’s activity, and offers the right information, verified by your experts, to decide which ideas have the greatest potential to impact your organization from within. Access quick, visual and detailed reports, measure your general KPIs, and get a feel for your community’s heartbeat. Optimize your time according to your priorities and take full advantage of your innovation management software, your community’s best ideas, and the talent within the universe of your collaborators.

Your whole innovation program,
and ideas of the highest quality.

‘Universe allows’ you to host a Contents Portal together with your community, which you can use to announce each of the actions and milestones in your corporate innovation program. You will be able to promote registration in on/off events, surveys among your various collaborators, provide information about workshops, labs… establish your points of interest and lay down the playing field for your corporate innovation program among your stakeholders. Also, our trend observatory allows you to identify the state of the art in your sector with top-level documentation, to ensure the greatest number of quality ideas that focus on your priorities.
métricas de un software para gestionar la innovación

Manage your innovation program’s day-to-day quickly, simply and efficiently.

‘Universe’ has a powerful and intuitive backofficeat the service of your community’s management group and your objectives. Manage your entire community’s activities from one panel, choose between a wide range of resources to make your community dynamic and increase user participation and engagement. Focus ideas on your innovation objectives to give them direction and connect them with results.
front de una comunidad y software de gestión de la innovación

Innovation accessible to everyone,
open to your change makers.

A simple interface and gamification mechanisms enable anyone to participate in our innovation communities from any place or device, and at any time. Create a culture of innovation in your environment and within your ecosystem of collaborators, detecting the best talent by your side, ideas that make the difference, and the right people to carry them forward.

Discover Universe, the innovation management software
to transform your organization with your stakeholders. 

We accompany you on your
innovation journey by training every profile.

Our offer includes innovationLAB, a blended learning training channel made up of a continuous e-learning solution and specific workshops that focus on high performance and integrating innovation in the DNA of your teams and projects. This allows all profiles involved in the community–administrators, experts, and project managers–to obtain official certification as innovation managers with specific methodology.

Why us?

Large organizations choose us to innovate.

Thanks to our know-how and unique experience with more than 30 implementations in different sectors: Banking, Insurance, Energy, Retail, Insurance, Public Administration or Education Institutions; we make it possible to manage innovation with the participation of different collectives such as employees, clients, students or citizens. Added to our continuous learning process is the development and management of, the world’s largest creative ideas community, with over 180,000 users in 5 countries.

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