Innovation open to your stakeholders and strategic goals

Our selection of free innovation resources build the main capabilities and best practices around our innovation management software and methodology, speeding up and achieving an exponential growth of the impact of the corporate innovation programs and innovation activities. Our approach to collaborative innovation, open to the participation of the different stakeholders of an organization, multiply the generation of new ideas and the detection of internal & external talent, reducing the organization’s time-to-market.


Promote large-scale innovation

The success stories of our clients –large companies in many sectors– show the impact and benefits of opening an innovation program for your employees and other collectives of collaborators.

Co-create the most ground-breaking solutions collectively

Our software broadens the reach of your corporate innovation program, through one unique channel where you can communicate your strategic lines to attract ideas from your collaborators that are aligned with your priorities, swiftly detect the best ideas, and co-create your organization’s transformation.