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13th august 2015. The latest meeting of the ideas4all Clients Club was an open innovation session where we learnt a great deal from our clients’ experience with the social networks of ideas developed by ideas4all Innovation Agora.

These were our specific takeaways from the meeting:

1. Ideas social networks are a powerful agent for innovative change, as demonstrated by several ideas put into practice by our clients.

2. They can be used to create a collective intelligence, bringing together different abilities and sensitivities directed to a common good.

3 (mimiliz)
3. They stimulate employee participation in a way that is democratic and transparent.

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4. They strengthen employee engagement with the company, since they feel listened to and valued.

5 (Katrin Svabo Bech)
5. They are an element for cohesion, as they create a team involved in one common goal: to innovate.

6 (Grafixar)
6. They contribute to the company’s digitalization, without discriminating between the levels of technological ability within its members.

7 (Laila Le Guen)
7. They teach to speak a common language and, in this respect, they create a distinctive company culture.

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8. They help to detect talent in teams that would otherwise remain hidden.

9. They favor and facilitate the implementation of processes, by designing and refining them.

10. They allow space for reinvention; taking a ‘second look’ at mature product categories and services.

¡Bonus! 11. And in the B2C branch, they also allow companies to listen to their own clients in order to detect their needs.

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