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ideas4all Innovation Agora works, and it is one of the ideas social networks for Companies and Institutions with the highest levels of participation and engagement.

According to our clients, there are many reasons why it works, of which I have selected the 20 I consider most important.

Why do I consider these more relevant than all the rest? Because we believe that ideas4all Innovation Agora, after over four years since it was first implemented by Banc Sabadell in November 2009, was and still is:

1. Simple. We have removed functions rather than continue adding more.
2. User friendly.
3. Transparent.
4. Voluntary.
5. Mine and everyone’s. It isn’t just one more corporate network like all the rest: it promotes my strengths and allows me to develop within my element.
6. Specialized. A vertical network dedicated to ideas, not just to everything.
7. Intuitive. I can use it from the very first moment, and don’t need training to learn how.
8. Engaging. It promotes commitment, resilience, optimism, and the hope of being able to change things.
9. Inspiring. I am inspired when I read ideas by other users, I come up with my own ideas and I build on the ideas of others.
10. Fair, it is a Community with very clear rules.
11. Educational. I learn from others and from the company.
12. Democratic. Everyone participates at the same level, from the CEO to the new intern.
13. Enjoyable, fun. There is space for sense of humor and for mistakes.
14. A place where I can showcase my creativity and a space for collective intelligence.  A pat on the back for my ego and for everyone’s.
15. Authentic, I really believe my ideas are wanted.
16. Contagious, collaborative, emulative.
17. Versatile. It allows for images, videos, documents… any medium that can better express my ideas at any given moment.
18. Open to all and Independent of the market. It works in all market sectors in which it operates.
19. Asynchronous. I don’t need to be everywhere at the same time in order to take part. I can see content at my own rhythm and in my own time.
20. Positive. All the energy focuses on what is positive in ideas, in order to improve the company, improve my work environment and the world as a whole, and all of this makes me feel better.

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