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A new phase begins in this our website for ideas and innovation in business and institutions, and/or for citizen participation, dedicated to clients and potential clients of ideas4all Innovation Agora, our ideas social network. Here, we hope you find some of the answers, and most importantly some of the questions you should be asking yourself when faced with the future and the innovation processes of your companies, institutions, governments. It’s always a good idea to keep an open mind. The key word is Open, open, open, open. OPEN INNOVATION.

Firstly and most importantly, let us give a few brushstrokes of what leads to success in this area and how to measure it. I believe that we need to ask ourselves whether we are doing some of the things we should be doing. Here is my Decalogue of “we should be’s” so that we can check ourselves, and our innovative consciences. We should be…

  1. Using all the talent we have at our disposal, identifying leaders.
  2. Letting open innovation be democratic, participative, collaborative, through the use of “crowdsourcing” tools and techniques, while taking advantage of the wisdom of the crowd. Empowering your teams.
  3. Taking the initiative when faced with problems that need a solution and ideas that we need to measure in terms of feasibility and implementation.
  4. Motivating and stimulating our teams sufficiently so as to allow them to give their best in terms of creativity, generating their own ideas and evaluating the ideas of others responsibly.
  5. Promoting multiple and continuous creativity. In order to have a good idea, we need to generate many ideas, (as Einstein and Pauling already said), without penalizing mistakes while encouraging collective collaboration.
  6. Leading, backing and supporting non-conventional solutions and disruptive innovation. The convinced support of Senior Management is key.
  7. Thinking actively about sustainability, defending the environment, energy, recycling etc. Always questioning the market’s status quo.
  8. Listening to young people, as they see the future from a different perspective:The future is not today, inside and outside your company. They see it differently, so listen to them, promote their ideas, include them, create programs for social responsibility and competitions for the creation of relevant start-ups, and the return for your efforts and contribution will be even more than you expected.
  9. Having an Innovation Department with power and a budget. What are you waiting for? But watch out! It can’t just be the same old dog with different collars.
  10. Times of crisis and change are also times of greater opportunity. You try to move in order to stand out, appear in the picture, you think about how you are acting, try to do so unconventionally enough for the future. Think big. We are all responsible for building a better future.

Secondly, we would like to open this section of pearls of innovation to you and your participation, along with our entries. Please join in and share content you find interesting or that has caught your attention.

Having said all this, we wish you a very Happy start of the 2013 school/university year, business year for others, or institutional or citizen year, after a well-deserved summer break. And after the winter spring will bloom.


Ana María Llopis

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