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Alain Afflelou’s project ideas4afflelou demonstrates that all brands can turn to innovative digital initiatives that can bring them closer to their clients, and seduce other potential consumers.

In this case, the optical group chose to launch a creative and co-creative community to bring together all the digital talent interested in the Alain Afflelou brand. Through ideas crowdsourcing, anyone can send their ideas to the company and contribute suggestions for new products and services.

What are the keys to this project?

bullet The Challenge
Alain Afflelou wanted to explore a way to gain better knowledge of the concerns of their current and potential clients, in order to maximize the value of their products and services.

bullet The Solution
The creative ideas community ideas4afflelou is a digital channel where the brand and users can debate among each other in a one-on-one, collaborative communication stream. The platform’s contents and participation are open to the public and built through co-creation mechanisms.

bullet The Result
Alain Afflelou has a new channel through which they can receive innovative business ideas from consumers themselves. Thanks to their active listening, they can know and better satisfy their clients’ needs, impacting on their customer journey and creating loyalty. ideas4afflelou  has also given the group access to external talent characterized by diversity.

Do you want to discover the entire project?


 the case study

Alain Afflelou, the revolution of co-creating with customers (pdf)

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