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Alain Afflelou is committed to establishing a co-creation channel with its customers through ideas4afflelou, an ideas community that is open to participation from the general public. Gudrun Gunther, Marketing Director of Alain Afflelou in Spain, speaks toinnovadores about this Project, supported by ideas4all Innovation’s innovation software, which has allowed the brand to pioneer the use of customer listening programs through collaborative innovation and co-creation with clients.

1 minute with Gudrun Gunther, Alain Afflelou Marketing Director

Innovators (I): How has this type of initiative been received by Alain Afflelou’s clients and the general public?

Gudrun Gunther (GG): People make contributions, give their opinions: at ideas4afflelou we are seeing a great variety of ideas. We believe some can be implemented easily, while others are more disruptive and need to be studied in depth to consider their feasibility.

(I): Does a co-creation tool help to attract new clients?

(GG): The customer journey begins before the point of sale. A project like this creates a two-way conversation and a much stronger experience for the consumer. All this helps us start that conversation much sooner.

(I): Also to know your clients better and create loyalty?

(GG): An initiative like this that establishes such a direct relationship with the consumer, helps us a great deal in getting to know our customers, without falling back on traditional market studies.

(I): Can our clients contribute to building a brand?

(GG): When ideas are born only within a company, a time comes when innovation ceases to exist. A target group we are interested in is the younger group of millenials; they feel the need to make a contribution and be listened to through initiatives like this.

(I): What effect does a project like this have on the company’s marketing and image?

(GG): We offer the consumer the opportunity to contribute ideas in several fields, following the spirit of our founder who believes innovation lies in people. And in this sense, a project to co-create ideas with clients is an enormous help in the consumer experience and the perception they have of the brand.

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