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Ángel Uzquiza, Head of Innovation at Santa Lucía Seguros, talks to innovadores about how the insurance company is using ideas crowdsourcing through a digital community, ‘Tu iddeas’, to bring innovation to all areas of the company. A project that has also contributed to strengthen communication amongst its members.

| 1 minute with Ángel Uzquiza, Head of Innovation at Santa Lucía Insurances.

Innovators (I): Does collaboration make companies stronger?

Ángel Uzquiza (AU): In our case, counting on a collaborative tool is very useful because of our delocalized nature. We are present in different areas of Spain and this initiative helps us collaborate among each other, communicate more and develop even more innovation. Close to 4,000 of our total of 7,000 employees are, in fact, registered in ‘Tu iddeas’.

I: How does a resource like this impact on the daily activity of a large company?

AU: ‘Tu iddeas’ helps us find a common language, so that people can get to know each other; also, it helps them put themselves in each other’s shoes. Large companies often have communication problems, and ignorance about certain internal processes or strategic goals.

I: What about innovation?

AU: We offer all employees several ‘boxes’ or silos where they can contribute ideas for improvement in a way that is open and proactive. Also, this channel communicates and drives forward global strategic challenges, open to participation from all areas of the company. All this activity is bolstered by the support of our Human Resources and Internal Communication departments.

I: What is the main effect of all this work?

AU: We try to bring everyone together with the strategic challenge we are currently implementing, to convey knowledge and, above all, keep everyone in mind. Since the launch of ‘Tu iddeas’, the organization has shared almost 4,500 ideas. 21 of these have been implemented and 270 more have been classified as ‘promising’ and are currently being studied. We need to put the focus on people, that is the only way for us to work.

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