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Innovation has become an inherent issue for all members of an organization. And technology, with its capacity to create connections and establish collaboration between people who are distant from each other, has given rise to a new paradigm for work dominated by values like cooperation, diversity or collective intelligence.

Banco Sabadell has proven to be one of those organizations capable of understanding this context of disruption, and the fact that it should be accompanied by innovation and more unity and collaboration among its different stakeholders.

As a result, in 2009 the bank was the first client who turned to us to create BS idea, an open innovation community based on ideas crowdsourcing, receptive to all the contributions made by its employees.

What are the keys to the project?

bullet The Challenge
Banco Sabadell wanted to create a space to connect project teams and employees who work with the bank’s clients every day. A community of innovators that provides a direct vision of their own, and their clients’, needs. The objective was to make the most of the collective intelligence within the entire institution, to transform processes, products and services.

bullet The Solution
BS idea is a community that makes ideas crowdsourcing possible on the part of the entire workforce. Access is open to all employees, regardless of their position, and is simple through the bank’s intranet.

bullet The Result
Since the platform’s implementation in 2009, the BS Idea community has contributed more than 21,000 ideas. All have helped Banco Sabadell develop processes, transform products and, on occasion, discover new lines of business. But BS Idea has not only contributed…

Do you want to know more about the project?

casestudiesminiaturasabadellFree download.

Case study: Banco Sabadell a collective commitment to innovation (pdf).

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