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The ideas crowdsourcing has allowed Banco Santander to transform itself through open innovation, engaging its employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. The company wants to create a bank close to the society and its values.

To achieve that purpose, it has developed SANTANDERideas:), a community of ideas that is open to the participation of all its employees.

What are the main keys of this project?

bullet The challenge
Grupo Banco Santander
is immersed in a deep cultural transformation. For this to be possible, the bank sought to involve its employees in its transformation by encouraging active and continuous listening.


bullet The solution
SANTANDERideas:) is a community for ideas crowdsourcing that seeks to transform the bank through the ideas of its professionals, while driving innovation, collaborative work and the connection of knowledge silos.


bullet The result
SANTANDERideas:) has been a game changer in the promotion of a corporate culture and new ways of governance based on active listening, collaborative innovation, productivity and commitment…


Want to know more about the project?

 the case study.

SANTANDERideas:), an engine of transformation (pdf).

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