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Place clients at the center of innovation and listen to their opinions to offer the best service or product.

This is the mission chosen by Hotusa Group in their pursuit to personalize their offer to the greatest extent possible and swiftly adapt to any changes required by a market as concentrated as the tourism sector.


To do so, they have launched the program Hotel Tester Ideas, a community open to idea co-creation with hotel guests and consumers.

Apart from receiving ideas through crowdsourcing, this listening channel allows them to ask community users about strategic issues, through competitions and challenges.

The client is thus placed at the very center of a journey toward innovation, and the company at the forefront of innovation in tourism [download the free case study here].

Hotel Tester Ideas is also a powerful marketing and communication tool that enables the company to make itself known to the public, while projecting a brand image based on innovation and active listening with consumers.

Hostel Tester Ideas, a room with a view to client co-creation.

What was the challenge?
The company sought to implement a channel where it could gather proposals from clients to innovate, and thus add value to the services offered by its hotels. Under this premise, the channel had to be omnidirectional, and offer clients a real opportunity to build the Hotusa Group brand.

What was the solution?
An active listening program for clients and large consumer groups, built on a community open to participation from the public, and their ideas to improve the experience of staying at the groups hotels. Also, the company can ask a large number of users about issues of interest.

What was achieved?
Over 2,000 ideators have contributed their proposals in the community and almost thirty challenges have been launched. Asking in real time allows the company to test the interests of typical travelers, and obtain valuable insights that may perfect and adapt the groups offer to guests, above and beyond an overnight stay. For example, Hotel Tester Ideas has gathered proposals on how to renovate the groups amenities line, upgrade the catering offer or include added value services, among others.

Apart from being a powerful market studies channel, it also improves customer loyalty, because in addition to listening and gathering customer opinions, it rewards participation with prizes like free hotel stays.

Download the Hotel Tester Ideas case study here.

bulletWant to implement a community for co-creation and active listening with your clients? Schedule a demo.

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