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Santander’s city council has launched a competition in Santander City Brain eco, its community for citizen participation around sustainability, in search of innovative ideas from its citizens to help the reactivation of local business after the lockdown caused by COVID-19.

Faithful to the community’s mission–sustainability–this ideas challenge seeks to find ideas that promote resilience among local businesses.

To this end, from their perspective as neighbors and consumers, Santander’s citizens will have the opportunity to contribute to the post COVID-19 economic reactivation for local business, as well as their adaptation to the new regulatory framework and needs during each of the phases of lockdown easing in the wake of the pandemic.

The uncertainty caused by the pandemic has highlighted the need for companies and organizations to act swiftly and offer innovative solutions to the various collectives in society, hence the importance of listening and collaboration processes among all involved parties.

The challenge also seeks to engage the city’s retailers and different associations in the sector. As a way of inspiring the best possible ideas to participants, they will have access to the community’s trend observatory, with information on the state of the sector in the city and the various municipal promotion campaigns for local business.

Santander City Brain eco is a project made possible thanks to the patronage of Banco Santander, and the software and know-how in collaborative innovation processes of ideas4all Innovation. These processes are open to participation from an organization’s or administration’s various stakeholders.

Collective, innovative solutions to face uncertainty
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