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The world’s most innovative companies base a large part of their modus operandi on gathering and analyzing information and data, according to a global innovation survey published in January by The Boston Consulting Group.

Several resources intervene is this fieldwork, such as big data, ideas crowdsourcing or alliances with third parties, to name just some of the elements that help organizations in their strategic decision-making.

These give access to data or input from people close to companies–their employees, clients…–and require an effort in terms of analysis and selection on the part of organizations, but they also produce certainties and reduce risks in innovation processes.

Among these tools, ideas crowdsourcing (see figure) occupies a privileged position, be it through internal resources (78%), client suggestions (79%) or ideas forums (68%).

In this sense, open innovation communities are unveiling themselves as a valuable resource to collect data and ideas from different actors, such as employees, clients, suppliers or other stakeholders in an organization, since it is a democratic channel for expression and is based on contributions that are free from prior restrictions.

In this respect, the report by The Boston Consulting Group highlights the benefits brought by the openness of organizations to third parties, crowdsourcing processes or alliances with startups or partners from the technology sector and with specific areas of expertise.

Among these benefits are the discovery of disruptive ideas (by providing environments for out of the box thinking), as well as discarding other ideas that are too disruptive (which may well be validated by the opinions of a critical mass), the detection of new business opportunities adjacent to a company’s traditional core business, or the construction of a network of people based on collaboration.

The Boston Consulting Group is conclusive on the subject: great innovators create collaboration networks around them and conceive the generation of ideas as something democratic.

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