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Is crowdsourcing a recent phenomenon? Were resources like focus groups, prior to the digital revolution, not actually precursors of crowdsourcing? In fact, brands have been asking consumers about their favorite products for decades.

Regardless of all the possible answers to this question, the truth is that everything with the prefix crowd seems to be in vogue. As highlighted by an article published in Entrepreneur, it is precisely technology that has allowed a step forward in the possibility of asking our clients for feedback.

1,000 points of view are better than 10 when you’re creating universal products.

Whereas this used to be an expensive and tedious process, today digital platforms allow large consumer audiences (segmented or not) to become involved from anywhere in the world, in real time and with great ease of access.

What are the advantages of this model for the masses?

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages is that you can obtain universal products, since they sum up the wishes and needs of large audiences.

Here are other benefits:

Gather opinions that are valid and ahead of their time. For example, opinions on a product prior to its launch: Testing used to be carried out among a small focus group, whereas now it is carried out by a mass of consumers. 10 negative opinions may not be representative, but 1,000 negative opinions may very well be providing a general feel for the product’s potential failure. Thanks to this prior testing, brands can avoid more than one stumble along the way.

Crowdsourcing is massive by nature, and enables the collection of essential opinions on potential commercial failures.

Continually improve the present: a product’s offer does not end with its launch, it can be improved. Practicing crowdsourcing with consumers will allow you to continually gather new suggestions that can fine tune your products. It is also an excellent marketing tool to make yourself known to consumers and offer a transparent and democratic image of your brand.

Take advantage of the employee-consumer combo: Does it not seem logical for a brand to involve its employees in the creation of a product? After all, they too are consumers, and they also know, better than anyone, what the brand they work for is offering. Asking employees is one of the most effective crowdsourcing formulas.

Co-creation with diverse people from inside and outside the organization allows brands to gather a wider variety of ideas, originating from different types of talent and intelligence (or from their joint work). A problem can have more than one solution, and having more points of view means more different possible resolutions.

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