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Five days to look for Northern Lights and compare their changing hues to the fluid and mutable latest trends in innovation. The upcoming Crowdsourcing Week Summit proposes an expedition to the Arctic with two sites for the event (Luleå and Vuollerim, Sweden, 20-24 March) and the opportunity to examine the future of innovation in sectors like finance, energy or public administration.

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To do this, it will bring together actors from the business and entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as all kinds of agents of change, for a dialogue about the possibility of promoting solutions to the challenges of the future, based on people and conceived collectively.

“We are confronted with a second wave where organizations must embrace crowdsourcing if they want to be relevant, and this new model entails a true opportunity for their different stakeholders to cause an impact on the economy and society”, notes Epi Ludvik, CEO and founder of Crowdsourcing Week.

Innovation as something synonymous with progress and sustainability is, in fact, another of the pillars of this event, around which its speakers and activities will revolve. Niklas Nordström, Mayor of Luleå, one of the two venues for the event, uses the city itself as an example, as it “has left its industrial past behind in recent years, shifting away from the metal industry to become a destination for companies like Facebook, who have located their first European data center in the city.”

Visitors to this CSW Artic will find a place where they can share energy and ideas with experts in innovation and collaborative economy, and a common will to make use of the wisdom of the crowd as a factor for innovation that makes exponential growth possible.

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