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Connectivity between people, and the massive exchange of goods and data, has transformed how the different actors of our digital age relate to each other, among which are companies and consumers.

The upcoming Crowdsourcing Week Summit, held in Washington DC next June 15, puts the focus on how the new digital paradigm has transformed our concept of innovation, traditionally restricted to one department and a limited number of people within an organization.


The event will put the spotlight on how new relationship models characteristic of a hyperconnected mass society have given rise to phenomena like crowdsourcing, allowing us to involve and gather ideas from the most diverse sources, to solve problems or challenges innovatively.

A model with multiple applications, from companies who wish to incorporate ideas from consumers in the design of new products, to government administrations that wish to involve citizens in the management of day-to-day affairs. All the examples mentioned have one thing in common: they transform innovation into something that is done and decided behind closed doors.

To illustrate this development, the Crowdsourcing Week Summit in Washington will feature an array of important speakers from different industries, and from the public and private sectors, providing a holistic vision on the crowdeconomy phenomenon and its disruptive effects.

CSW SpeakersMain speakers of the summit

In this regard, the summit will count with the participation of Amy Kaminski, NASA expert on open innovation practices;Cristin Dorgelo, Chief of Staff of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) at the White House during the Obama administration; Jonathan May, founder of the fundraising platform Hubbub, or Epi Ludvik, founder and CEO of Crowdsourcing Week; among others.

This 360º vision makes the event particularly interesting for entrepreneurs, managers and representatives of the public sector attracted by peer-to-peer models for a shared and collaborative economy.

The Crowdsourcing Week Summit will place the crowdsourcing phenomenon in the foreground and provide an accurate reflection of its philosophy of collaboration and sharing. Attendees will learn about this new paradigm through different panel discussions and will connect with experts on crowdsourcing, crowd innovation and blockchain, among others.

bullet Event details:
Crowdsourcing Week Summit
15th june 2017. Washington D.C.
Ticket here.

ideas4all Innovation is a media partner of the Crowdsourcing Week Summit in Washington DC, an unmissable event for profiles from the public and private sectors, or entrepreneurs interested in the collaborative economy and its multiple impacts.

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