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Making their messages reach current and potential clients is a daily objective for any Marketing department. But what if, rather than simply passing on messages about your brand, you could manage to incorporate their recipients as part of it? Without a doubt, the effect would be much more ground-breaking.

Today, this is possible thanks to resources like communities with user-generated content, with members that are not employees of the brand, but who know it well or consume it.

These communities, for example, take things one step further when compared to social media, where content is excessively generalized, and most importantly, where there is an overabundance of messages.


After a golden age of massive adaptation, brands in social media today are like a drop in the ocean. And their messages are hidden away along with a mishmash of other things: a place where everything is fleeting, where nothing lasts.

On the other hand, by creating their own communities, brands open the door for users with similar concerns and interests to move closer to them, creating or sharing content on the brand and its activity.

Basically, it transforms consumers into brand ambassadors.

This is just one of the benefits of co-creating with your current or potential clients, a trend endorsed by a variety of reports and consulting firms like Forrester.

But there are other benefits, among which:

bullet Segment large audiences and make your messages known to those who are truly interested, since the users that make up the community do so voluntarily and have an interest in it.

bullet Have a deeper and better knowledge of your clients and target audiences, because by contributing content they are giving you extremely valuable material about their concerns, tastes and preferences. At a time when we tend to measure the effects of every action, this input seems crucial to improve and personalize our campaigns as much as we can.

bullet Gather new ideas on products or services from those who will potentially consume them, while also taking advantage of an element of talent that is external to the brand, not on the payroll. The client defines the product he or she wants to buy, so brands reduce their margins of error.

bullet Create more connections and interactions between the brand and its current or potential clients, advancing down the phases of the customer journey and invoking relevant issues, even at an emotional level.

bullet Establish long-term relationships, since these communities offer brands an interesting, fertile space where they can create loyalty among their consumers, for example through competitions and prizes.

bullet Take advantage of content generated by users to reach large audiences in a way that is less intrusive, where consumers themselves can predict your future products.

Hey! You got this far, so…why not find out more about the benefits of co-creating with your consumers?
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