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Innovation, confidence-building and horizontal communication between brand and consumer, as well as the values a brand promotes and puts to practice through its actions, are pillars on which customer engagement is built, according to a recent report by Salesforce, “State of the Connected Customer”.  

Some customer engagement keys

Companies today face the challenge of rethinking how to reach hyper-connected consumers, empowered by technology both in their shopping decisions (via a practically unlimited offer only a click away), and as prescribers of products and services.

54% of customers demand new forms of interaction with companies.
– State of the Connected Customer (Salesforce, 2019)

Customization and other keys to customer engagement

However unique each consumer may be, they share many values and opinions. For example, if a product or service is innovative or useful, whether it is perceived as expensive or inexpensive, or if it is marketed by a friendly brand.

Finding and understanding that common ground enables the construction of a product and user experience that, from a global perspective, covers each customer’s needs. According to Salesforce, this requires:

Offering products that are innovative, unique… and useful.

90% of consumers demand greater customization in the products they consume. And 85% applaud the launch of new product references and categories, even if this may not always be supported by sales figures.

From many points of view, product innovation occurs whenever the product resolves a real need in the market and the company launching the product obtains a profit.

The use of listening and co-creation channels with consumers enables the capture of their insights and ideas, which can be used to launch products. Said insights shorten the product development cycle, as more people participate in the gestation process; and they also reduce the risks inherent to a launch, as these products are born with a prior endorsement from consumers.

Drive a community where you co-create with your consumers.
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Understand that a company is not only a product.

77% of consumers look for something more than a product in a company. What the company says (values) and does (practices) has an influence on what consumers buy and on their loyalty toward a given brand.

Increasingly, companies look for a global benefit around the world, which complements their economic profit. And given their capacity to have an impact, they are open to collaboration with different collectives in society.

Being close to customers, incorporating the consumer’s voice.

According to Salesforce, 64% of consumers demand alternative communication methods from companies, different to traditional channels. In the aftermath of the emergence of social media, they are looking for channels that delve even deeper in the possible interaction with brands.

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Claves para co-crear con clientes y consumidores.

Vertical communities around areas of interest shared by brand and consumers, or the use of platforms where they may co-create in real time or share their preferences regarding products they wish to consume… these are some of the channels that deepen the two-way communication and increase transparency.

Traditionally, consumers were passive elements (they consumed advertising in different formats, such as press or TV), later they became active elements(dialogue with brands as equals, for example, in social media) and now they are creative: they participate in a brand’s construction and innovation, as one more part of the process.

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Success stories in client co-creation (free pdfs).
Tourism. Hotusa Group: insights to redefine the client experience.
Retail. Alain Afflelou: an optical group committed to co-creation.
Consumer goods. Vicky Foods: innovation with consumers.

**The report “State of the Connected Customer” published by Salesforce includes interviews with over 8,000 global consumers. It is available for download here.

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