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“Great customer experience is bigger than just solving customer problems”. With this sentence, an article published in Forbes summarizes how new technologies are offering different channels and formulas to enrich the experiences of consumers and increase their loyalty to brands.

A rather simplistic premise would be to consider that all the demands made by clients are complaints, and that they are simply looking for quick solutions to their problems. In such cases, companies apply tried and tested protocols they have learnt in the past.

But what about new problems? Or what if the user doesn’t actually have a problem, but wants the brand to satisfy a specific request?

Today, digitalization allows you to go beyond the surface and truly know your consumers. And that is key, because knowing consumers better will allow you to offer them better service, attention or products. It also helps in anticipating their problems and presents solutions that prevent the client from looking elsewhere.

Listening and knowing your clients is, in short, a learning opportunity. But it is also an opportunity to innovate and improve, setting yourself apart from the competition.

How to listen and turn problems into opportunities

In 2012 one of our clients, Mutua Madrileña, launched its platform, a client-listening program based on the principles of ideas crowdsourcing.


This has enabled them to detect problems among their clients that they had no knowledge of, and to find solutions such as, for example, when their clients let them know of the need to reduce the size of their documentation so that it could be carried comfortably in motorcycles.

Listening actively to what your clients tell you not only gives you better knowledge of their needs, it also becomes a channel through which they can tell you what they expect, so that you can anticipate their demands.

Mutua Madrileña created a community of ideas with continuous and constructive one-to-one feedback between brand and client. The space offers an opportunity for the insurance company and its insured clients to get to know each other and work together.

This solution is valid for any sector with digital presence.

Initiatives like this also prevent brands from limiting their customer service to instant gratification mechanisms, typical of the digital era, that try to compensate users as quickly as possible when faced with a problem, rather than really digging deeper to find the root of the problem.

Thus, instead of reducing the size of documentation for their motorcycle insurance, Mutua Madrileña might have sent each motorist a new copy of their documentation after the damage to the old copy was reported, with all the resulting costs, and without finding a permanent solution.

Just as important as solving problems is being able to anticipate them, and making those affected by the problem feel like they are listened to and supported. These are all factors that combine with traditional customer service resources to create a memorable user experience.

Moving closer to your clients and working together with them is, more than a challenge, a winning opportunity for all parties.

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