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If you have made it here, it is probably out of professional interest. But as you read this article, try to do so by putting yourself in the shoes of a consumer, and as such, try to answer the following question: would you prefer a company that is transparent with its commercial policy, or one that conceals it and then bills unexpected items?

A company’s degree of openness and transparency makes a (positive) difference in its relationship with clients, according to this recent article published by Gartner. Another differentiating factor is how companies communicate with clients: simply, clearly, concisely; even if it is through multiple channels and in the whirlwind of messages sometimes created by online communication.

It is precisely the digital world that has raised the level of competition between different industries, as the limits between sectors blur and the actors involved change. Technology has also helped small companies compete with large ones on increasingly equal terms.


For all these reasons, Cx care is an important differential factor, according to Gartner. And the following are some of the actions that can contribute to their efforts:

bullet Listen … and execute:  95% of companies claim they gather suggestions from their clients, but only 1 out of 10 recognize they do something with them. This first point shows that, in practice, many opportunities for Cx improvements are lost.

bullet Thinking ‘from the outside in’: traditionally, contact and engagement initiatives with clients are conceived as being directed from the company to its clients. This means they force clients to adapt to the company’s culture, rather than the other way around. This does not seem too logical. The best option seems to be opening up to clients, their ideas and their concerns.

95% of companies gather suggestions from clients, but only 1 out of 10 do something with them.

bullet  … without forgetting that Cx starts with us, with the attitude of our employees. Focusing on clients is crucial in this respect, as a factor that must be promoted and trained internally.

bullet Openness and transparency are fundamental to reinforce the Cx we offer our clients. Technology allows us to come closer than ever and even co-create with clients through mature initiatives that rise above the social media boom of a decade ago.

bullet Design memorable experiences that make the brand attractive. This requires that companies move closer to consumers, understanding the latest market trends and needs.

bullet Customization as a basis from which to truly approach our clients. Taking this concept–to its maximum degree–to products and services can often be a costly process. In contrast, brands can offer their consumers a space where they can contribute ideas freely or even design the products they want.

bullet Do not disperse yourself, particularly now that the abundance of existing channels contributes to dispersion. Some companies are, quite literally, using sledgehammers to crack a nut, as they design their 360 strategies to move closer to clients. They want to do so many things that they end up not settling for any.

How can you reinforce your clients’ Cx?
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