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Innova is the name of the project through which RTVE (Radio Televisión Española) is looking to transform its corporation, by engaging all of its employees. The project is made up of a digital community where the entire workforce can collaborate with ideas to build a public radio and television corporation for the future. Along with the project, an ambitious methodology is also being developed to motivate and find the best in-house talent to resolve future challenges, such as the digital transformation experienced in the media.

On the occasion of our innovationHUB event,Esteban Mayoral, Assistant Director of RTVE’s Innovation Center, spoke to us about the project and the contribution it can make to society by providing a modern, efficient, high-quality public service.

You can see a summary of the interview in the video below:

Innovators (I): What is the main motivation behind a project like Innova?

Esteban Mayoral (EM): Counting on the Corporation’s employees as allies in our technology shift. This ensures a bright future for Radio Televisión Española and better public service, by offering the best products and services. We also wanted to achieve greater engagement between our public utility and society, who sustain us by paying taxes.

I: What is the effect of involving the public entitys employees in RTVEs transformation?

EM: Asking and listening to employees is essential. Particularly during times of uncertainty, like the current moment of technological change experienced by communication companies. The entire workforce is delighted with the possibility of expressing their opinion, for more reasons than the prizes they may be awarded for their participation; without doubt, the most important thing is that they feel engaged with the common project.

I: How did the Innova project start off? What is the aim of employee participation?

EM: The first challenges focused on internal processes. The goal was to build a great community of users by providing challenges that everyone could participate in. And now that we have created that great group of users, we will start creating challenges that are about our core business. For example, we want to launch one to co-create content in collaboration with Radio Nacional Española (RNE). We believe that having all employees in the corporation participating in its design will become a true milestone.

I: What are the projects participation figures?

EM: We have almost 2,000 registered users in the community, slightly more than 30,5% of the total number of employees in the corporation. We had set ourselves the objective of reaching that number of users in the project’s first year, and we have achieved it in only seven months.

I: How does such a large group of people function? What resources have you needed for an initiative like this?

EM: One great success of this project lies in its initial preparation. We interviewed all the collectives within the corporation, from management to lower-level workers. Having the management’s commitment and the support of the HR department has been another key factor.

I: Which collective has participated the most in the initiative?

EM: We have detected very high participation among women, proportionally far greater than their presence in the workforce. Participation figures are especially high in management areas, like Business and Finance, OSH or Human Resources.

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