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The round table “Talent in search of companies”, at our latest innovationHUB, analyzed the mechanisms that today’s companies can use to become attractive for their employees and potential candidates. José Luis Risco, HR Director at EY Spain, participated in the discussion and was also the event’s EY host.

After the round table, we had the opportunity to talk to him about people and talent management, as well as the importance of listening to those who are part of the company’s daily activities.

As part of this idea, EY has a community (EY Ambiciona) where the company receives employee suggestions in real time. An ideal resource, according to Risco, to understand and anticipate employee needs, encouraging “the sense of belonging” among the people who make up the organization.

Click to watch the full interview.

Innovadores (I): In this innovationHUB we spoke about how important it is for today’s companies to be attractive employers, what can they really do to achieve this?

José Luis Risco (JR): To begin with, all companies (including EY) must be very flexible when they attract talent. This implies, firstly, adapting to candidate expectations and needs. The idea that a job is for your entire life is no longer relevant, and today people build and tailor what they want in their personal and professional lives. That is why companies are forced to create a strategy almost one person at a time if they want to be attractive.

I:  Speaking of strategies, what can a company offer its employees?

JR: What we call the employee journey is built on adapting to what each employee requires individually, according to their category, experience or responsibility within the organization. That is why we speak of offering the complete package, something that, on one hand, is attractive to employees, and on the other, plays a part in their development. At EY we are convinced that people who leave the company should continue to feel a sense of belonging to EY; we want them to take a great deal of experiences with them wherever they go, as a person and as an employee of this organization.

I: This focus on covering the employee’s needs requires foresight, anticipating those needs to respond to them almost in real time. How does that fit in with your EY Ambiciona community?

JR: It fits in completely, because it allows us to be close to what our people demand. You can have face-to-face meetings, via videoconference or send emails, but a platform of this nature, with continuous, real-time communication, is what allows you to see people’s expectations, giving you the ability to offer an almost immediate response to them.

I: What are the advantages for an organization that listens to its people?

JR: Undoubtedly, something essential: knowing if someone is happy in the company or not. We invest a lot of time in training during the first years of a professional career, and if someone doesn’t end their career here, we are losing talent, either to our competitors or to our clients. In this sense, EY Ambiciona allows us to identify actions and be very proactive in our management of people.

I: We spoke of talent detection, but what about keeping talent? Is it equally important?

JR:Absolutely, if you gather information regarding expectations and what your employees are demanding, you can act when necessary; talent retention increases exponentially and the effect is immediate. People see that you are giving them answers, beyond preparing a Powerpoint presentation with promises for the future or just another survey on their work environment.

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