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Flexibility in the workplace can help to balance the personal and professional lives of employees, eliminate presenteeism to generate more and better work, commit to an “agile” corporate culture, and promote listening and greater communication between people. Ultimately, when practiced responsibly, flexible working can make all this possible while producing results, a formula where both company and employees win.


Banco Santander has implemented this model after a process where it listened actively to the people that make up the bank. They have done so through their open innovation community SANTANDERideas:), open to access and contributions by all bank employees.

The bank used this space to put forward a challenge for their employees, whereby they would gather ideas to transform the way the bank works internally, giving shape to a “win-win” project where all stakeholders would benefit.

That process was the seed of Flexiworking, a set of measures agreed and supported by Banco Santander’s management and employees, whose effect, according to Mónica Torres, the bank’s Director of Employee Commitment and Experience, has been noticeable “in how we work, how we relate to each other, and the balance between our personal and professional lives”.

Some of the measures in the package are initiatives like flexible working hours, promotion of teleworking or shorter but more flexible and dynamic meetings, increasing productivity and improving the work environment.

The following video [in Portuguese] shows its effect on Banco Santander’s Brazilian subsidiary.

Banco Santander, promoting the collective transformation

Click here to download the case study (pdf) explaining how Banco Santander implemented a process of collective transformation through ideas crowdsourcing and initiatives like 'Flexiworking'.

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