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The large cities we know and live in are constantly growing and overrunning rural areas, but this unstoppable growth may have found a point of equilibrium thanks to the technology that will make major urban areas intelligent. This will help reduce excessive population and will make living together easier, as well as processes like distribution and resource allocation. We’re talking about Smart Cities.

New technology has finally reached a stage of development in which it can significantly improve the lives of a city’s inhabitants. A Smart City is one in which technology is made completely available to citizens through intelligent administration, government, economy, mobility, buildings…

There are already examples of Smart Cities like Málaga, Amsterdam, Boston and rankings like the Top 10 smart cities in North America, or the Top 10 smart cities in Europe. There is no unique model for a Smart City, and each city approaches the concept in its own particular way, with different projects and objectives.

We would like to share the example of the city of Santander, which has worked to become a pioneer in Spain inviting its citizens and entrepreneurs to take part in “Santander City Brain”, an open ideas community in which citizens participate and, above all, where they can submit their projects to make the city a better place to live and work in. These projects have the potential to be developed and put into practice, as has already happened with three of the ideas shared by users.

We are extremely happy to be part of this innovative project by providing the platform for “Santander City Brain”, where over 730 ideas have been shared to date, in categories such as: Energy Management, Urban Planning and Building, Transport and Traffic, Governance and Transparency, Entertainment and Culture, Citizen Participation, etc… The community has organized competitions in search for new ideas to develop Santander as a Smartcity, for entrepreneurs and research projects that use the city’s network of parking sensors.

Apart from Santander’s City Council, the initiative has also enjoyed the support of IBM and Banco Santander, through its technology services company, ISBAN.

Cities are finally becoming intelligent and the time has come for us to form part of their brains with our participation and ideas.

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