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All companies and their brands and products claim to be “client-oriented”, but very few include their clients or consumers in their innovation processes or idea generation mechanisms.

Companies like Lego, Dell or Starbucks have created innovation communities with great success:

In Spain, Mutua MadrileƱa has created a large community of users in their innovation website, in collaboration with ideas4all Innovation Agora, providing them with ideas for their products and services, a significant number of which have already been implemented:

Global ideas4all and its ideas4all Innovation Agora has helped Mutua MadrileƱa create its innovation community for clients and the general public interested in sharing ideas on insurance, and offers brands several different ways of asking clients or consumers about the brand, its products and services:

  • A permanent social network for ideas, intended for clients or consumers, creating a community of clients or consumers, where they can launch idea competitions and periodic challenges for brands and products.
  • A temporary competition or challenge: Brand Challenge or Product Challenge, lasting a few months, through which clients and consumers can share their answers to the questions that make up the competition or challenge.

In either case, this is all carried out in secure websites that are customized with the brand colors and logos, and with brand-specific content defined by the brand itself.

Global ideas4all has experience in the launch of these Innovation Communities, as well as Competitions and Challenges, and in the definition of legal terms & conditions, community rules…  and very importantly, in the dinamization of the community to ensure high participation. In the case of temporary competitions or challenges, ideas4all takes care of everything, offering a turnkey product that encompasses all aspects of the community except for the Communication Plan, for which the brand is responsible.

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