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If we think of an organization as an iceberg, we would see that only a small part of it is visible.


The metaphor illustrates the relationship between companies and the talent residing in them (only the visible talent, that is). Does this mean that we can only consider a small group of people to be talented, and that they are, curiously, those at the top of the pyramid? What would happen if we took a few steps down the organization’s ladder in search for more talent?

It is often organizations themselves who close the door on this possibility. According to the HBR, companies tend to presume that only 5% of their employees have the potential to win promotion to positions of greater responsibility.


How are these profiles identified? Are they better prepared? What about their motivation and performance?

In the following article, we identify the four features that, according to the HBR, are common to all of them, and we uncover how ideas crowdsourcing can help as a guide in this search within an organization.

bullet They are profiles with specific expertise, which usually makes them an authority in their field. However, their contribution needn’t be reduced to that field, and that needn’t be their only value. Implication or leadership abilities–very desirable in a position of responsibility–are also elements for their evaluation.

Ideas crowdsourcing offers a showcase for the detection of these qualities because it helps to make the group’s leader stand out and puts his or her empathy and capacity for collaboration to the test. It also recreates a structure characteristic of a modern company, where knowledge is shared beyond insulated silos, and under the logic that knowledge is stronger when it is not restricted to just one specific area.

bullet They are proactive, results-oriented people, highly motivated and productive. Ideas crowdsourcing publically reveals the implication of these profiles, who set an example with their participation and encourage others to follow their lead.

This resource also becomes an open window that the organization can use to transmit common values and strategic objectives, aligning all its members around them. It also allows them to find the profiles that better coincide with the organization’s DNA.

bullet They are profiles that trust others and delegate, because they consider that everyone has a contribution to make. Their vision is therefore a perfect match for the transparent and open philosophy behind ideas crowdsourcing.

Another further characteristic is their ability to involve others in different roles and make them feel part of several projects, even if they must leave their specific areas, without feeling overwhelmed by making commitments. Ideas crowdsourcing promotes transversality and collaborative work, and it breaks barriers and silos, helping to detect and take full advantage of all the potential these profiles can offer.

bullet They are people who believe in values and put them to practice, and they therefore try to contribute to the consolidation of an internal culture shared by all. They are great leaders, because they have a privileged strategic vision and know how to motivate others.

Ideas crowdsourcing helps to detect these profiles at all levels and in all areas of an organization, bringing their contributions to the forefront.

Want to discover how we can help you detect talent within your organization? Let us tell you how.

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