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An idea management software allows you to collect a large number of ideas, with the diversity inherent to a large group of participants.

This offers several competitive advantages. It speeds up the process, by collecting more ideas in less time. It enables connections with more stakeholders, like your clients, and helps you get to know them better. And above all, it enables innovation with more capabilities, either by co-creating new products, improving existing ones, optimizing processes, or offering consumers new experiences of interaction.

However, implementing an idea management software involves a cultural change, and having the confidence that good ideas are not only produced within an organization’s R&D department. Our employees, as well as–for example–our clients, can also have (good) ideas.

Besides, the advantage of listening to the latter is not only limited to the acquisition of new ideas. Increasingly, consumers are demanding more open and transparent brands.

That said,

What should an idea management software include?

1. Firstly, comprehensive management of ideas. This software needs to go beyond merely collecting ideas on a large scale, and should provide instruments to process ideas, i.e. provide a workflow and an innovation funnel that establish evolutionary steps for ideas, while discarding less interesting ideas along the way.

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2. It should be capable of establishing KPIs, measuring their evolution and presenting their efficiency or ROI for ideas. To do so, a complete analytics suite is required, helping to predict results and make the right decisions.

3. It must be accompanied by the right methodology, enabling the emergence of the ‘wisdom of the masses’ made possible by crowdsourcing. To this end, having well-organized idea acquisition and evaluation processes is essential, as well as having well-defined roles (governance) with functions distributed among different areas of the organization.

4. It should be possible to implement the software in companies swiftly, without major costs or investment in time or effort, and its setup should be solid, with the highest safety standards.

ideas management software

5. It should adapt to various types of buyers. Not all companies have the same innovation objectives, or the same budget to achieve them. An idea management software should be versatile, and should guarantee, for example, the creation of a comprehensive ideas co-creation program, as well as the generation of occasional ideas challenges and ideation hackatons.

6. It should be capable of detecting and pointing out trends within the community, gathering valuable insights from its participants that enable a greater and better focus on the organization’s objectives.

7. It should offer a friendly UX, easy for all users. A memorable user experience will invariably result in more participation and ideas.

8. It should provide the management team with the necessary tools, such as a Backoffice or resources to stimulate activity, thus performing its function simply and intuitively, and reducing the organization’s costs and time expenditure.

9. It should promote user engagement, through gamification resources, ideas rankings, automatic notifications, votes, points and other reward mechanisms.

10. It should cover different use cases. It must be versatile, capable of gathering ideas from several large collectives and sectors, and add value in processes that increase engagement among audiences, promote cultural change in organizations, and encourage contact with consumers, among others.

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