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Inspiration can present itself when you least expect it. In the shower, jogging or while you’re having a cup of coffee… but you can also help improve your propensity to have ideas. In a museum or an art gallery, for instance, your mind may very well be more receptive.

Suddenly, by placing a work of art, sculpture or painting into context, you can free your mind and find new ways of interpreting your everyday activities. This causes your creativity to surface.

A first word of advice, then: reserve time for cultural activities. From a company point of view, it can promote recreational activities where employees can participate in a more informal setting while creating closer ties, and this can also unleash their creativity. So set time aside for cultural activities, also within the company, and you may be surprised by the inspiration this can encourage.

As a company, the advice would be to create a space where employees can share their inspiration, such as the innovation agora. When you have a social network in which employees can share their ideas, you are helping employees feel part of a whole.

And in any case, if employees have a place where they can share their ideas, inspiration, from their own perspective, with their colleagues, this is like setting a red carpet for their specific initiatives for innovation. Ideas put into practice and new ways of solving problems.

_ Ideas: when you write down or draw an idea, you become aware of its shape, its configuration. Sometimes, ideas appear while you carry out your daily routines. In the subway, on the bus, in a queue at the supermarket… by expressing the idea, writing it down and developing it, you can become aware of its true scope.

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