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February 4th 2015. The digital transformation has opened a wide range of opportunities for companies who want to transform their business, but in order to make the most of these opportunities, companies are having to adapt to a new paradigm where innovation and participation make even more sense.

Following that line of thought, several of ideas4all’s clients present their success stories with the ideas social networks created under ideas4all Innovation.

Banco Santander and Banc Sabadell, as well as Nestlé and Grupo Cortefiel were all present in the event as speakers. They made a positive judgment of their experience opening their organizations to participation from teams through open innovation and through collaboration with small technology-oriented external companies (startups), such as ideas4all.
Our CEO, Ana María Llopis, defended the need for this in the opening speech of an event that brought together clients, suppliers, collaborators, partners and guests from other companies in all sectors, in what became an exercise in Open Innovation:

“Large companies can innovate more and better than new ones because they have more muscle and resources at their disposal, allowing them to hybridize and open up to startups or entrepreneurs, people who, ultimately, can offer them different points of view” — Ana María Llopis.

In short, large corporations have more resources to spearhead their sectors and adapt to the tornado that is the digital transformation, a phenomenon that is now defining the timing for increasingly demanding and volatile markets.

Given the situation, several participants in the event have highlighted the need for companies to continuously reinvent themselves, in a constant “beta state”, even going as far as “cannibalizing themselves” by becoming committed to new products and services that could mean a premature end for other products they had previously marketed.

Ultimately, there is a crucial need for innovation using tools like Ideas Social Networks, which offer the competitive advantage of integrating the entire organization into a strategy for innovation through the democratization of ideas.

All the speakers invited to the event expressed their satisfaction at having integrated ideas4all Innovation in their structures, while involving all of their teams in the network, regardless of hierarchy or job positions.

Are you a company? Ask us about our innovation communities here.

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