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September 29, 2015.  ideas4all launches a new image, committed to a design that gives more prominence to visual contents without forgetting about ideas, which are still the bedrock of our innovation communities.

In the next few months, all our clients will be able to implement as an option and at no cost, this new look & feel, or keep their platforms as they are, according to their preference.


The new design, which can be seen at, looks to drive creativity, something that we believe is crucial in any innovation project. It also gives more space to images and videos, allowing users to contextualize their ideas.

The new homepage display allows users to browse contents more cleanly and intuitively. We are committed to offering a visual and textual description of each idea, making it easier to read and select ideas. The new highlighted ideas module will also be more prominent, with a new location that increases its visibility and highlights selected contents.

The flexibility and adaptability of our SaaS solution is more evident than ever. The new look & feel was conceived to be implemented simply and easily, respecting the current characteristics in all of our clients’ platforms. Furthermore, our new image is highly customizable, ready to fit in with the specific needs of every client.

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