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Baremboin’s project has a lot to teach in terms of the organization of open, disruptive innovation projects in the middle of the recession and of the conflicts that surround the world of Business, Institutions, Governments, and Universities. It also speaks of the real desire to progress and evolve towards the future in a way that is unique and makes a contribution to your market, your sector, your company, your institution, your neighborhood, your administration, your school…
I believe that the musical values Baremboin brings forward are very valid for Innovation. Let us put ourselves in his shoes and change the word music for innovation.

  • Music (Innovation) is Listening and not only hearing, even more so when you do not agree. Listen to all the signs the world sends you, to create and invent, to think in an unconventional manner.
  • Music (Innovation) seeks coexistence rather than compromise, and political consensus. One cannot innovate unanimously. By unanimity, things are usually left as they are, and this generally (despite exceptions) leads only to mediocrity.
  • Music (Innovation) demands justice and compassion. It requires crowdsourcing, collaboration and democracy in everyone’s ideas, not just in those of the elite.
  • Empathy, not tolerance. One tolerates when one believes oneself inferior to another. Tolerating is a negative feeling. Compassion, however, passion for others, is positive.
  • We need to understand other people’s stories: others also exist.
  • In Music (in Innovation) we can sometimes find the coexistence of elements that don’t appear to be able to coexist.
  • In order to achieve peace (Innovation) it is very helpful to take the first step rather than wait for others to do the same.
  • We do not believe in military solutions, (in the power of authority) because they are asymmetric. When conflict is human, intelligence and compassion become a necessity.
  • Music (Innovation) is not an instrument: it is human and, at times, superhuman.
  • Nothing is disconnected, everything is connected “How many times do we think that our social, personal, political, organizational problems are independent of each other, and do not influence one another? Music teaches us that everything is related”.
  • Alternative thinking models: we need to allow space for them and we need to respect the right to differ. Notoriety is a magnificent gift that the public offers the artist or creator. It gives him or her a certain responsibility, of saying what he or she truly believes. That is a responsibility more than a right.
  • “Routine is the arch nemesis of musical expression”, he also writes in his book “A Life in Music”. Clearly, it is also the arch nemesis of innovation.
  • And in the same book he says “The performer has the obligation not only of finding new ideas but also a new vocabulary for old ones”. I believe this is valid for all agents that champion change and innovation. He also said “no musical execution represents the end of a road, it is always the beginning of something new. It is a culmination of what came before the execution and the prelude of what comes afterward”. I think this can also be paraphrased to express: No great idea, no disruptive innovation, no invention adopted by the crowd, is the end of the road. It is only the prelude of what is yet to come.

When I saw this video of an interview in Colombia before a concert rehearsal in 2010, I understood that we have much to learn from the innovative way in which he sees music and all creative and human processes, in which coexistence leads to progress. I would like to share it because I consider it a true gem.

Ana María Llopis

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